Prize Draw Entry for 10,000 BetterPoints

Earn BetterTickets

Record an activity of at least 10 minutes to enter our monthly prize draw for 10,000 BetterPoints.

You earn one ticket for every day that you are active for 10 minutes. The more tickets you get, the more chance you have of winning!

Automatic Prize Draw Terms and Conditions


  • This reward is only valid for activities of type: Walk, Cycle, Run.

  • You must do this activity for at least 10 minutes within the Same Calendar Day.

  • You can receive this reward at most once within the Same Calendar Day.

  • Part of your activity must be in one of the following locations:
    • University of Greenwich Avery Hill Campus
    • University of Greenwich Medway Campus
    • University of Greenwich, Bathway Theatre
    • University of Greenwich, Greenwich Campus