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BetterPoints was founded in 2010 to find ways of motivating greater numbers of people to adopt sustainable and positive social behaviours.

So, we built a system of tools for designing and managing interventions that incentivise behaviour change and generate hard evidence.

At the front is a free smartphone app that anyone can use. At the back is our highly-evolved digital platform, which is underpinned by behaviour change research and best practice.

On the surface, it looks a bit like a supermarket rewards system: users get more BetterPoints the more they do and can spend them on little luxuries like coffee and clothes, or donate them to charity. But underneath, it’s a sophisticated system for tailoring incentives, engaging with users and learning invaluable information about what works.

It is used by public bodies and private organisations across sectors, to build programmes of engagement that result in a tangible change of behaviour, such as commuting by bicycle instead of by car, or walking for at least 150 minutes a week.

Ask us how we can help your own organisation

Whether you’re a public health manager tackling obesity levels, a business owner encouraging employees to leave their cars at home or a research director seeking solutions to social or environmental issues, we are always delighted to talk to you, whatever sector you’re in.

We’ll help you explore using BetterPoints BCMS to build and sustain evidence-led programmes. And if you work in public health or active transport, we have particular experience and expertise that we can bring to the table.

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