DfT Access Fund bid support - let us help you improve local health, transport and services

  • Increase healthy activity
  • Increase sustainable commuting
  • Improve services with better data

If you work at a UK local authority, you or your colleagues are probably bidding for a slice of the £60 million pie the Department for Transport is giving out over three years to encourage sustainable transport. We can help you submit a winning bid.

The fund has been launched to encourage councils to offer sustainable transport initiatives that improve access to jobs, skills, training and education. We are experts in this and will bring innovation to your plans for travel behaviour change.

Talk to us. We will take you through the whole journey, from conception to evaluation. We will help you plan an approach that best suits your local needs, implement the programme, incentivise users and capture data.

You will get a unique combination of two proven programmes of behaviour change in sustainable transport, from JMP and BetterPoints.

Not only can JMP and BetterPoints increase healthy activity and use of sustainable transport in your communities, we can change behaviour for the long term. And we can provide you with solid data about activity and habits to help you improve services.

JMP is a market leader in travel behaviour change. They combine rigorous behaviour psychology with social marketing and more than 15 years experience delivering successful programmes.

Between 2012 and 2015, JMP helped well over 74,000 people with personal travel plans. They increased walking by 34%, cycling by 19% and use of public transport by 17%. They decreased car use by 22%. Customer satisfaction was over 95%.

JMP have more than 180 experienced staff providing transport planning and related services across a network of eleven UK locations, and so are adept at combining local experience with technical expertise.

BetterPoints works with companies and public services to deliver reward programmes designed specifically to encourage long-term behaviour change and improve services. BetterPoints is a currency of points that gives people an incentive to become healthier and greener and provides local authorities with invaluable behaviour data.

Their BetterCommute Programme in Birmingham decreased solo car use by 60%, increased car sharing by 56% and walking by 72%, and increased behaviour tracking by 54%. In Reading, more than 80% of participants now use their cars less and 77% walk more.

And people love it. When BetterCommute started in Wroclaw, Poland, 1,185 people signed up and produced 2,123 sets of activity data in the first three days alone. Now more than 3,500 members have recorded over 34,000 activities in a month.

Together we can make things better. Talk to us about how we can help you win your bid for improving healthy activity and sustainable transport locally:

Email us (info@betterpoints.uk) or phone us on 01183 216 116.

If, like us, you prefer prettier things that you can print and share, download our flyer.