Greenwich Active Travel Bonus

Kerri French - 23 January 2018

Active Travel Bonus

Log an active travel activity (run, walk or cycle) for 5 days in a row to earn a 500 BetterPoints bonus for the week.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has created a Low Emission Neighbourhood (LEN) to improve air quality in the Greenwich and Peninsula wards. So help improve the air quality in your borough with more active travel and we will reward you!

Click here to see a map of the LEN reward zone. 


  • This reward is only valid for activities of type: Walk, Cycle, Run.

  • This reward is applied when the reward Active Travel has been earned 5 times in the Same Calendar Week.

  • Multiple activities on the same day will not count towards this reward. Only one per day.

  • You can receive this reward at most once within the Same Calendar Week.

  • Part of your activity must be in the Greenwich Low Emission Neighbourhood reward zone.