How do prize draws work?

To take part in a prize draw, you need to earn BetterTickets. If you look under 'Activity Rewards' you can see how you can earn BetterTickets for that prize draw- you might need to do a particular activity for a certain duration or distance to qualify for a ticket. The more BetterTickets you have, the better chance you have of winning a prize! Our system draws the tickets by chance once the draw period has closed. If you're a winner, you'll be notified what you've won and you will also see something in your timeline to show who won what. To see how many tickets you've earned in a particular draw, or the prize draws available for your programme, click 'progress' and then 'prize draws' within the app.

If you have any queries about how prize draws work, then do send us a message in 'Help' and we'll get straight back to you.