How to scan QR codes and earn BetterPoints

Anne Lancaster - 08 July 2015

If you haven't used QR codes before, it may not be readily obvious what to do. But it really couldn't be easier.

QR codes are like barcodes and they work in the same way. They are easy to show either on a poster or on a phone. We have codes on posters in parks, on bike hire stands, in leisure centres, and on phones. Here are a few examples:

Active Parks PosterQR Code on mobile

With posters they're very easy to spot. On the app you will see the QR code if you choose an activity that requires one, such as Car Sharing Driver. Here's how you access the scanner:



Go to the Activity List button - top right on most pages.

App screenshot


Choose the Scan QR code option



You will then see whatever your camera at the front of your phone is seeing. This picture is an example of somebody scanning a poster.

Just position the green square over the QR code and the camera will automatically focus on the QR code and scan it. You will then see an appropriate message based on the QR code - e.g. the type of activity such as Car Share Passenger or Volunteer.