University student helps to keep the air clean and fresh in Greenwich by walking

12 February 2018

BetterPoints Greenwich University is a rewards programme for active travel at the University of Greenwich to help students as well as staff make healthy travel choices in order to reduce their impact on the environment. 

Egle Onuskeviciute is a first year student at the University, she is studying Purchasing and Supply Chain Management.

“My course involves transport economics, and I have big interest in positive and negative externalities in transport that have an effect on people, on the environment,” Egle says.

Egle joined BetterPoints last October and she finds the app a great way to incentivise commuting by getting the opportunity to convert points into vouchers or to donate to charity. 

Why is it important for Egle to walk with BetterPoints?

“It is very important because I live in the Greenwich area and I am interested in having cleaner and fresher air around me, when I open my window, when I walk around. The more people use it, the less pollution we will create.”

She adds 

“I would rather walk to the grocery shop instead of taking a bus, by being excited about that one day this walking will convert into a voucher and I will be able to buy something just by walking. Generally, I walk more in Greenwich than in my home country, even though here it's longer distances than in Lithuania.”

Egle likes to watch Canary Wharf from Greenwich Park, you can see her doing just that on the featured photo.

“I definitely recommend Greenwich Park for a nice walk, or for running. It is a very clean and beautiful park with panoramic views of Canary Wharf. University of Greenwich with an impressive architecture and history should be on the visit for a walk list.”

University of Greenwich students and staff can join the BetterPoints Greenwich University programme by adding the "GREENWICHNEW" referral code upon sign-up. Click here to download the BetterPoints Android app or here to download the BetterPoints iOS app.