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Dialogue Society

The Fellowship Dialogue Society is a registered Charity founded in 2006 by British Muslims of Turkish background in Basingstoke. Its objective is to advance and promote intercultural and intercommunal dialogue and partnership at all levels and among people from all backgrounds and is to help bring people together from different communities in order to promote peace, tolerance and mutual understanding among different communities in the Southern UK. To this end, the Fellowship Dialogue Society has been undertaking numerous projects over the past 3 years to cultivate community cohesion and better understanding.Fellowship Dialogue Society continues to contribute to the UK�s already diverse and complex ethnic, cultural and religious nature in so many wonderful ways and is already known as one of the biggest organizers of annual dinners, forums and meetings in the South.FDS will be aiming at contributing to peace by bringing together various cultures by many different events in the future. From local meetings to national conferences, FDS organizes more than 100 meetings and is involved in the development of an additional 200 events in the South. These events are providing open, engaging and expansive platforms from which speakers and members of the audience enter into constructive and critical dialogue on a miscellany of issues affecting their personal, professional and communal lives.