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University of Reading Community Relations

The University of Reading recognises that as a major and well established institution it has a huge impact on the local community. It brings economic, educational, cultural, leisure, and social benefits to the area, and every year many students engage positively with the community by volunteering for a wide range of organisations and charities. At the same time a minority of students can also behave irresponsibly, particularly when living out in the community. The University takes such behaviour seriously and acts swiftly to deal with anti-social behaviour. In June 2007 we appointed our first Community Relations Manager, Ann Westgarth. Ann's main role is to be the University's main point of contact for the community. She is also developing a Community Relations Strategy which defines how the university sees its role in relation to the local community and which identifies and implements a number of actions to enhance community engagement. Through this work the University is forging better links and working partnerships with local authorities, statutory and voluntary agencies, local residents, and businesses. For example the University is playing a key role in the Redlands and University Neighbourhood Action Group which meets monthly. We have also established a Neighbourhood Forum which meets twice a year. Local residents are active participants in both groups and the University values the opportunity to engage directly and act on a variety of issues arising from these meetings.