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1 to 3

1 to 3 was founded by Meg Lyon and her late husband Ken in 2000 after a holiday trip to Gambia in November 1998. They visited a nursery school in Wellingara where 150 children between the ages of 3 and 7 years were working in tiny, hot, dark classrooms with few learning resources and poor sanitation. Meg and Ken were so affected by what they saw that they felt moved to do something to help improve the situation. They decided to raise money to build a new nursery school at a different site and sponsor a child. This was the beginning of 1to3, which registered as a charity in 2000. Since then it has grown and grown and the Wellingara Community Nursery School now provides education and support to over 400 children from the village.

Later, the need for some health facility became obvious and after four years of fundraising in UK, a purpose-built community clinic opened for just one day a week in November 2008.

The charity is run by six Trustees: Meg Lyon, Marj Jawo, Greg & Celia Keevil and Peter & Pam Nevill. Meg and Marj visit Wellingara every year at their own expense to monitor progress, visit the school and clinic and to meet the sponsored children and their families. This gives them the opportunity to monitor how the money is being used and the progress that is being made on the different initiatives organised by Wellingara Community Initiative Support, (CIS) the partner organisation of 1to 3.